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Event Recap

On Monday, November 27th, 2017, YPRC rallied and marched to announce our demands for a Sanctuary Campus at UWM. We attempted to deliver a letter and statement to UWM Chancellor Mark Mone, but were denied ability to meet with him. His secretaries gave us the run-around, claiming he was in “back-to-back meetings” but we know the truth: Mone was too afraid to hear our voice.

Our demands were explained along with personal testimonies from our membership. Through the speeches, we saw the honesty of our organization’s struggle. Speakers were Minister of Organization Mina, co-chair of our Legal Clinic Maricela, Chair of YPRC Isa, and general body members Blas and Alexya.

Of the countless times we as marginalized students have attempted to meet with administration, not once have they made themselves available at our request. It is now clearer than ever that UWM administration, led by Chancellor Mone do NOT prioritize the voices of students of color, women students, and queer and trans students.

YPRC will be moving forward with our Sanctuary Campus campaign, so keep watch of our social media for further updates. Scroll down for images and written testimonies from the event.





YPRC Chair Isa was personally escorted from Chancellor Mone’s office

By Isa Cortes

On Monday Nov. 27th a group of YPRC members went to deliver a letter to Chancellor Mone listing our demands surrounding UWM becoming a Sanctuary Campus. 4 of us went into Chapman Hall as a group of about 30 people rallied outside.

We were met with not only refusal and resistance to address the student body, but refusal to even hear us out for two minutes. His secretaries claimed that he had back-to-back meetings and was not able to receive a letter from us. Apparently his schedule is too full to speak to students that have felt unsafe on his campus. I understand that the Chancellor is busy, but nothing should be more important than a marginalized student voice – especially considering that we, as students, pay his salary and that mansion on Lake Drive.  They called the police on us and we were escorted out of the “public” building that we pay for.

This was the statement I planned to give to Mone, but was not allowed to.

“Hello my name is Isa and I am a student here at UWM, I am also the chair of the Young People’s Resistance Committee, a student organization here on campus, and in the community on Milwaukee’s south side.I’ve brought with me today other members of the organization who are also all students here at UWM. YPRC is a youth led, grassroots organization with the mission to organize, empower and, lead the struggle to achieve justice for workers, students, and immigrants. We are immigrants, children of immigrants, students, workers, teachers, who all work and live in the communities that we organize in. But more specifically we are all marginalized students who have not felt safe on your campus. We are students who deserve to feel safe while receiving an education just like everyone else, which is why we are here to demand that UWM become a sanctuary campus. In this letter we have listed some specific demands that we consider crucial to the safety and well-being of marginalized students at UWM. Some of the demands are the immediate demilitarization of campus authority, that UWM not in any capacity collaborate with ICE, the expansion of mental health resources to more adequately help students of color on campus, more funding for a series of programs for undocumented students on campus, and the formation of a democratic, student-led council to better deal with issues regarding the new “free speech act” recently passed by the board of regents. In order to move forward, we demand a meeting with you, Chancellor Mone, to discuss how to best implement our demands. Our contact information is located at the top of the letter.”

Yesterday, Mone proved to us that he is afraid of the voice of students that oppose the unsafe and exclusionary environment he has allowed on our campus. His administration continues to uphold this unjust action toward marginzalied students. Let us not forget that Mone’s administration has a history of allowing racist speakers on our campus, ones who have verbally assaulted and harassed the student body. At this point we are calling on our chancellor to make a choice: Mone, you will either stand with your student body in addressing the concerns we have brought forward or you will stand against us and continue to block our path to success. Until then, we will continue to organize, mobilize, and lead the struggle for justice for all oppressed students at UWM.

New YPRC member Alexya gave her first public speech at a rally at yesterday’s Sanctuary Campus demands event!

By Alexya Peralta-Avila
Yesterday was a very scary experience for me, since I’m a very shy, to-myself person, but having everyone support me while I was talking was amazing! We marched around the campus and managed to get people to join us as we waked to the Chancellor’s office. Everyone that spoke was amazing, we got to learn about why members are so connected to the cause. We made more people stop and listen to what we had to say. Overall, I think Mone heard us make a stand.


Rally to Announce Sanctuary Campus Demands

Join YPRC on Monday, November 27th, 2017 at 3:30PM in Spaight’s Plaza to hear the demands of our campaign! We’ll be announcing the specific demands we are making of UWM, the UW System, and the Board of Regents – we DEMAND that UWM become a Sanctuary Campus!

Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/138871230211458/?active_tab=about 

*Above photo from a Sanctuary Campus event earlier this year, in September 2017.*

Fundraiser Recap

We had a great fundraiser last week Friday! It was hosted at the Walker’s Point Center for the Arts, surrounded by their amazing exhibition of community ofrendas! 

We raised an amazing amount of money, all of which will go into our bond fund. The YPRC Legal Clinic helps those wrongfully detained for their status. The bond to release someone from detention is often thousands of dollars, money that most families do not have access to. The Legal Clinic intends to implement a bond fund that allows families facing detention to be able to access money to keep their loved one’s safe. 

The Legal Clinic provides aid to anyone who is navigating the detention and/or immigration system. Not only will this money be a basis for our bond fund, but allow us to continue our efforts to organize free Know Your Rights and bond packet trainings for people facing the reality of the immigration system in this country.
YPRC members and their families provided some incredible food, including a nacho bar! Several MKE based performers sang, played, and rapped for our audience completely free of charge. We had the honor of seeing Tlaloc (TMI), Juxt Dame from Freespace and the Son Jarocho group Milwaz Talleres. 

We had a silent auction featuring paintings, prints, and drawings donated to us by both members and community folks. All of the work was incredible. 

As always, we were also selling our merchandise, including prints, t-shirts, tote bags, and buttons. 

Thanks so much to everyone who came out. For those who missed it, keep an eye out – we’ll be hosting more in the future! 

You can also donate at the link below!